Elisa Bosley Elisa Bosley, Editor in Chief, Delicious Living at New Hope Natural Media

I feel lucky to have Susan on our staff — she is so smart, so reliable, and so thorough in her work that she makes it look easy (though I know it’s not!). I marvel at her depth of knowledge and problem-solving skill when it comes to accurately untangling a scientific sentence for the general reader. And her personal resilience and attitude keep her and those around her balanced in the midst of crazy deadlines and workloads.

Bill CrawfordBill Crawford, Director of Retail Marketing Services at New Hope Natural Media

I have had the privilege of working with Susan Enfield during our shared tenure at New Hope. For a period of time, she was the editor of our custom magazines, a product that I was overseeing.

Susan always is a very competent, pleasant and solution-oriented professional. She helped our retail partners – both grocery and natural foods stores – have great content in their magazines. She paid great attention to who their shoppers were and developed relevant stories to reach them.

Every retailer that we worked with appreciated Susan’s attitude and aptitude. They all loved working with her – as did (and do) I!

Caren Baginski  Caren Baginski, Writer, Yoga Instructor, Social Media Coordinator at LiveWell Colorado

Susan’s vast knowledge about natural health and wellness and her unfailing ability to effortlessly write about it is to be admired. I am consistently amazed at the quality of her reporting and how she presents scientific results in layman’s terms — all while meeting tight daily and weekly deadlines. But most of all, I’m refreshed by her honest, laid-back yet get-it-done approach that makes collaborating with her so enjoyable.

Francine Schoenwetter  Francine Schoenwetter, Engagement Director at New Hope Natural Media

Susan knows how to dig deep and produce content that engages not only because of the quality of her writing, but most importantly because of her ability to provoke thinking and new perspectives. Susan’s passionate about all things healthy and sustainable and we at New Hope are fortunate to have her as part of our editorial team.

Carlotta Mast  Carlotta Mast, Natural, organic and healthy living market expert

Susan is a strong, detail-oriented writer and researcher who cares about the facts and works hard to get them right. She is also a person of high integrity and character and cares deeply about the quality of her work.

Lisa Kovener Lisa Kovener, Natural Publications & Events Manager at KeHE Distributors

Susan is passionate about her work and industry. A true professional and an absolute pleasure to be around.

Jodi Feinhor-Dennis, Owner of Nesting Home Design and Oh, yes you candy!

Susan’s thoughtful questions, listening skills and expert written articulation of what was important to me confirmed she was the perfect choice to help me to help me craft my NEXTY nomination press release.